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Ariel Sambrano
19 Aug 2015 07:05 4 years ago Argentina, Rosario
Buenas queridos colegas. necesitaria si alguien puede ayudarme a completar la coleccion Exotic Blend (Tins) (2001) Metal Tins from 2001 to 2003. y Pleasure To Burn Tins (2002) ,Pleasure To Burn (Pool) (2002) , Exotic Blend (Tins) (2002) quiero completar estas series. saludos y disposicion de lo que necesiten. Ariel.
Mario Cesar Chavarr�a
24 Feb 2016 02:59 4 years ago Mexico, Ciudad de M�xico
Hola Ariel soy de la Ciudad de M?xico, las piezas que buscas con de E.U.A yo tengo algunas ?Tienes alg?n correo electr?nico para comunicarme contigo y mandarte fotos?
Mario Cesar Chavarr�a
24 Feb 2016 02:59 4 years ago Mexico, Ciudad de M�xico
A mi me interesan Tins de tu pais
Cristian Vacca
20 Jul 2015 06:10 4 years ago Italy, Bologna
Seeking packages Color
Someone sells packages Color empty ??
03 Jul 2015 05:25 4 years ago Greece, ATHENS
Greece new regular pack
ACTIVATE SUPERSLIMS, like GR-026-18, contains 20 cigarettes.
23 Jun 2015 05:35 4 years ago Greece, ATHENS
Greece COLOR Edition (2015)
Hello, new limited edition serie, 8 packs, 4 BLUE, 4 FILTERS, like Russian COLORS II (2014), not for sale yet, colors of BLUE packets: red, blue, green & purple (i saw the promotional box of BLUE), i will inform about the colors of the FILTERS when i see them, i have photos of the BLUE packets but i will show you the complete set soon.
25 Jun 2015 10:53 4 years ago Greece, ATHENS
..unfortunatly only 4 BLUE are for sale, the filters maybe later in the summer, maybe.. never, see the BLUE ==>$_57.JPG
Ariel Sambrano
17 Jun 2015 06:29 4 years ago Argentina, Rosario
alguien quiere cambiar?
buenas colegas, estoy volviendo a la colecci?n despu?s de varios a?os. quisiera completar colecciones inconclusas que quedaron. alguien vende o cambia? estoy detras de las exotics, siempre me gustaron esas latas. y bueno las demas tambien. saludos. ariel desde rosario argentina good colleagues, I am returning to collection after several years . would complete collections remained unfinished . someone sell or trade ? I'm behind the exotics , always liked me those cans . and the other also good . greetings . ariel from Rosario Argentina
10 Jun 2015 11:22 4 years ago Greece, ATHENS
USA Small Packs US-101-15
Hello, at CATALOGUE there is photo about this pack from backside, i found this pack in full/sealed condition and i present it with full photos, BACKSIDE: "", FRONT: ""
28 May 2015 04:07 5 years ago Greece, ATHENS
Hello friends, about the last Greek serie INSPIRED BY MUSIC (2015) i want to add that the 8 packs (GR-030-01 to -08) is the 1st part of this serie, there is also 2nd part as you can see at "", the 1st part (already sold out) was for sale between May 1-15 amd the 2nd "" (almost sold out) between May 15-31. The 2nd is exactly as the Regular Curve Packs (2014) GR-026-20 & -21 but with different strip, the old is "WIN 1000 MUSIC FESTIVAL TICKETS" & the new is "". Also i want to note that these 2 packs as the GR-026-20 & -21 are not regular, the are limited edition serie. Thanks for reading me, Nick.
Vladimir Novikov
10 Jun 2015 08:19 4 years ago Russian Federation, Moscow
Hello Nikolaos, lot of thanks for usefull info! About GR-026-20, -21, -22, -23 packs - yes, it was limited production packs with different text on strips, but this packs stay REGULAR. Texts on this packs only announce new events/series, but stay REGULAR - as in many other countries... Thanks, Vladimir
German Zacconi
19 May 2015 08:08 5 years ago Argentina, Darregueira
camel Argentina
Alguien sabe cuando va a salir alguna nueva edici?n en Argentina? en Europa salen ediciones cada 1 mes y ac? nada...lpm.
Marcelo Pavanato da silveira
26 Apr 2015 12:19 5 years ago Ukraine, londrina
Camel Blue 100 Years
HEllo Mates.. I did`nt see the Camel Blue 100 Years Warning Photo from Russia.. anyone Know? many thanks
Vladimir Novikov
10 Jun 2015 08:22 4 years ago Russian Federation, Moscow
Hello Marcelo, what are you interest for? For back side of Russian 100 years packs?
Luiz Daniel Picco
09 Apr 2015 09:52 5 years ago Brazil, Boituva
Help in identification
Can anyone help me with the name of that package? Without the full images is difficult. Thanks.
Vladimir Novikov
14 Apr 2015 03:34 5 years ago Russian Federation, Moscow
Hi Luiz, I think nobody can help you... This is old pack (without bar-code), made in Europe for sell in many countries outside US - in Europe, Asia, Africa... The difference only in tax mark, which mising on pic...
Luiz Daniel Picco
21 Apr 2015 08:26 5 years ago Brazil, Boituva
Hello Vladimir, Thanks for the feedback The problem is that some packages registered with the site you can not see the back of the pack to compare with this package I have, I was hoping that some collector who has this package could compare to the back for me.
LingFan Wu
08 Apr 2015 12:41 5 years ago China, HB
I need full pack of tape cmel!
I need full pack of Spanish music tape camel! Would like to exchange the collectors, please contact me!
Yulei Wu
29 Mar 2015 11:13 5 years ago China, nanjing
I want to find my friend: username: thecamel
Friends. We sum of 177 euros deal, do not seem to receive your package, you do not send a lot of e-mail reply to me, today saw you sign in, please your timely reply to me, okay? ?
Yulei Wu
08 Mar 2015 11:13 5 years ago China, nanjing
Hello, I am a new limited edition camel lovers, will have a limited edition can sell to me? I can pay you via ebay, so it is safer for us.
yulei wu
08 Mar 2015 11:27 5 years ago China, nanjing
You can send mail to me, camelshow @ Thank you
yulei wu
26 Mar 2015 08:20 5 years ago China, nanjing
Now and enthusiasts from Romania, Italy and Germany completed the transaction, I will transfer the money directly to their ebay account, please send an email to my fans, to help my collection of limited edition, so the brand, thanks
yulei wu
26 Mar 2015 08:21 5 years ago China, nanjing
Pennetta Walter
20 Feb 2015 12:40 5 years ago Switzerland, Basel
Collectors and collectors, many of you in the exchanges have a few packages to exchange instead of selling sites have several packages filled you sell, then ............. now no offense to anyone, all withdrawal packets double in the trade, this is not fair to all of us collectors of this site. Thank you for understanding If you want you can also unsubscribe. Estimados coleccionistas, muchos de ustedes en los intercambios tienen algunos paquetes para intercambiar, en lugar ...................... en sitios de ventas tienen varios paquetes que venden completo,. ............ por lo que ahora no quiero ofender a nadie, retirar todos los paquetes en el doble de cambio, esto no es justo para todos nosotros los coleccionistas de este sitio. Gracias por su comprensi?n Si lo desea, tambi?n puede darse de baja.
Mircea Ivanov
20 Dec 2014 05:19 5 years ago Romania, Botosani
A Sony
14 Dec 2014 01:21 5 years ago Hong Kong, Hong kong
Dangerous people
Please alert to the new China people LingFan Wu. Cautious trading
LingFan Wu
05 Mar 2015 11:01 5 years ago China, HB
I know you? I exchange with you? Are you slander me! Please tell your evidence!
Ezequiel Silvetti
02 Nov 2014 09:19 5 years ago Spain, Malaga
Camel Espa?a Limited edition 2014
I Just came from the shop where i bought the last limited edition but mi colors are not the same.
Alex Yang
29 Nov 2014 06:19 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
It has launched sales
Alex Yang
04 Oct 2014 08:31 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Michael Engel = Mad Dog
Dear Friend I think our homes, camel collection appeared a mad dog, I do not know why, I did not find him. He forced me together and a liar. A more than 400 days guys did not arise. I do not know how I offend Michael Engel. I do not want to curse, I feel very bad. But please do not push your luck. He threatened me admit that I deceived him 20 package. If I do not accept, he is here, including many local spread to my bad feedback. I am not afraid of his threats. All my friends know that I exchanged with good credit. I do not want to explain this statement. Alex
Michael Engel
05 Oct 2014 04:18 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
you don't know how mad I really am , and you have no idea the power I have. have a great day.
Alex Yang
05 Oct 2014 12:27 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
I certainly have a great day. Thank you for making me become an overnight celebrity, so that more collectors know me, know your real ugly behavior. Thanks again.
Michael Engel
04 Oct 2014 04:50 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
Alex Owen = Liu Xing
Dear Friends I just found out that Alex Owen and Liu Xing the piece of shit that cheated 5 collectors from here , is the same person, I want you write to Vincent and the other Admins in CC and ask them to take care of this situation , either by delete him or make him by any why pay for what he did to us, I already wrote them as well and the same to the other collectors he cheated, I know some of you had good experience with Owen but this is not OK or changes any wrong doing he did as Liu Xing. I need your full support of this Thank you in advance Michael Engel
Alex Yang
04 Oct 2014 06:59 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
I don't know what happens, I can't believe the jews wanted to do. He forced a liar and I together. I have a lot of exchange and a lot of collectors. All is perfect. My friend and I exchange. I can send first, I can send the tracking number. I don't know Michael Engel Why will the liar and I together. I don't understand his motives. I also don't want to say. Because, all friends are smart. I still welcome exchange in the future. I don't want to, and here he is a waste of time. I won't do too much explanation. If you believe that Michael Engel. Please you don't and I exchange. But. I promise. I have not deceived anyone. Again, and I hope we perfect exchange, I will not cheat anyone. I don't want to see anyone being deceived
Michael Engel
04 Oct 2014 07:10 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
i NOT ONLY a cheater , but Anti-Semitic as well. GOOD FOR YOU.
Alex Yang
04 Oct 2014 08:21 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Good I look forward, waiting for your good news.
Michael Engel
05 Oct 2014 03:15 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
No worry soon you will get good news from all friends in here.
Alex Yang
05 Oct 2014 03:20 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Okay, thank you. You do not worry about it. I still have a lot of perfect exchange, I know you are jealous of me. Ha ha. Your conspiracy not prevail
Michael Engel
05 Oct 2014 04:17 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
Again the truth is on my side, you saw the many collectors already took their feedback away , that is just the start , soon you will be gone from here as well. Have a nice day.
Vladimir Novikov
05 Oct 2014 04:56 5 years ago Russian Federation, Moscow
Alex, I do not YET know the details of what happened between you. Forum is a place for civilized and reasoned debate. But in any case, do not insult people on a national basis. So I think you MUST apologize to Engel. I know that Jacinto Rojas - a thief and a cheat, but I never allow myself to blame all Mexicans. I hope that you understood me.
Alex Yang
05 Oct 2014 12:34 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Sorry, Vladimir If you receive such a framed, please tell me, how will you solve? I have clear told Michael Engel. I did not cheat anyone, including him. But he put me together and a liar. If I was a liar, and I have so much good feedback? Do I force them to leave, of course, include you. If I am wrong, I am willing to apologize. Alex
Vincent Guidali
06 Oct 2014 01:48 5 years ago France, Coudray
Hi guys The administration is working on that problem... It's written in rule to put the real identity, only the only rule... We are busy most of the time, but for once, we are together on that... Alex: Explain us please why you have so many names and adresses... 1/ Qian Luo Wu Fang Yuan the post office, Lu Gu south road. Shi Jing Shan District Bei Jing CHINA 100040 2/Alex Owen Room602, unit one, building 18, West Yongle Community, Shijingshan District, Beijing China 100040 3/YangGuang Room602, unit one, building 18, West Yongle Community Shijingshan District, Beijing China 100040 CHINE Let's answer that first
Vincent Guidali
06 Oct 2014 01:52 5 years ago France, Coudray
Re :) then, "Alex Owen" has only good feedbacks (27 for now)... Liu Xing has only BAD feedbacks (6)... When we look at the adresses of the 2 guys, there's 17 mn of travel... Is it a coincidence ? Or... work and home adresses ? Or... a friend's adress ? That's weird... isn't ?
Alex Yang
06 Oct 2014 02:20 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Hello, Vincent Very easy problem, tobacco through customs inspection strictly. A lot of exchange, import a large number of cigarettes. I can't use only one address. Change the address in the camel collection. Not just me. Don't forget you still owe me a pack of Albania
Alex Yang
06 Oct 2014 02:30 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
I don't know you say IP address. I just want to ask you, I cheat you? I'm just normal. I never cheat. Since I appeared. I have been suspected. Am I living in China have a mistake? If I cheat, I would get a lot of good feedback. I exchange with you many times, you say, I am a liar? If you insist I have a question, you can delete me. My collection, it is a happy thing, I don't want unhappy.
Vincent Guidali
06 Oct 2014 03:01 5 years ago France, Coudray
Re No problem between you and me, 100% success... No problem with China !!! Why Singapor and not China flag ? What is your real name finally ? I have no problem with you, but the admnistration is taking care of any problem related to this site... Rafael (the boss) has sent you an email, you should read it carefully, maybe translate it to understand it perfectly. Because yes, if things turn bad, you will be banned, and the extreme step will be to exclude anyone from "asia"...
Alex Yang
06 Oct 2014 06:54 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
My name is Alex Owen. no problem Package received in different locations. I will arrange my family or friends for help. This also can not? Different people to help me receive the parcel? There is a problem? Can't? Is not my 100% success with you. Is exchange with me and all my friends. This you can see. After Michael Engel released the news. Give me a bad feedback George Opal, cancel feedback Gianmarco Canni, Moreno Maurizio, Victor Tikhonovich and Derek Wong. I and they exchange the same 100% success. I want a perfect exchange every one of us. Hope don't say me a liar, thank you.
Alex Yang
06 Oct 2014 07:08 5 years ago China, Bei Jing
Thanks to see the bad news to continue and I exchange of friends Thank you to my trust We will continue to perfect exchange We will continue our cooperation forever. Welcome to contact. thank you
Vincent Guidali
07 Oct 2014 02:32 5 years ago France, Coudray
Alex, you can read this message, but not answer anymore... Mail Rafael,and try to answer his big letter... That's your only solution... Greetings Vinz
Rene Luis Rodriguez
16 Nov 2014 10:43 5 years ago Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Sucre
Alex Owen es una excelente persona, yo he realizado muchas ventas con el y no he tenido ningun problema, espero que todo se trate de un malentendido Rene Luis
Luis Alberto Rodriguez
15 Sep 2014 09:15 5 years ago Argentina, Buenos Aires
Hola gente, desaparec? del ranking. Alguna forma de recuperarlo? Alg?n administrador sabe que pudo haber pasado? No pienso volver a cargar los 1600 packs. Gracias
Rodrigo Ariel Vecchio
23 Sep 2014 01:08 5 years ago Argentina, Bs. As. (Lanús)
Seria una pena perder a este viejo coleccionista, me sumo a este pedido sabiendo que le podr?n dar soluci?n a su problema
28 Sep 2014 09:04 5 years ago Mexico, LEÓN, GTO.
Hola amigo: Te sugiero comunicarte con Vinz, para que te reintegre. Saludos.

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