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Aug 9

Dear collectors/members, Current application is unstable and it takes a lot of effort to add packs because it crashes often while adding new packs. Also being the only one who can add packs at the moment due to security issues with Application it is a lot of work for me to add all this packs. Once new application is on line we will revisit the quantity of users who may be able to add new packs and give additional access. The site administration thanks everyone for understanding

Aug 8

Dear collectors/members, As you all know, our site is experiencing some technical problems. The administration of the site is working hard to identify and eliminate errors. Please allow us the time to do the work right, in order to ensure all the problems are identified and corrected, and to make the site is more stable and works quickly. We kindly request our members to be patient with us. Requests such as "urgently add a pack, because one digit in the barcode is different," "sticker" promo pack "is located at another angle" and similar mails, will not be addressed until all work on the site is complete. Please do not send theses requests at this time, keep lists of these differences and requests on your end. When the site is ready, we will send a notification, at which time you will be able to send us all the changes you have. Emails that are sent at this time will be ignored. And today do not forget about the rules of adding packs to the site: Please check before sending. Don't send same picture twice, it’s not the good place to identify your unknown packs. We don’t show same pack with different health texts, the same Health Warning pictures on different tastes, the USA cash, cartons, postcards, big tins or various collectibles. The site administration thanks everyone for understanding

Dez 31


Dez 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Administration wishes you good health, a wonderful mood and more packs in your collections!

Okt 26

Attention to all collectors. Thanks to Dominik Neff, who pay attention to the second version of the Mexican COLORS packs MX-084-.. (2011). Please check your packs and re-mark its - who has COLOR edition and who has COLORS FILTERS edition.

Jul 14

Finally new Spain COLOR EDITION in good quality. Packs for inner market, with tax stamps. FILTERS version. Thanks Maurizio Moreno and Ricardo Prieto for help! Temporary pics from DF section were deleted.

Jul 12

New LE Spain color packs added to CCS as temporary pics, in DF section, if some get its and send scans of front and back - it will be better to identify its correct and add its to correct folder - in DF or in Spain. Thanks in advance!

Apr 27

About last LE sets from Austria and Greece. Inside Austrian packs you can see slogan "WHAT'S YOUR COLOR? Inside Greece - "COLOR YOUR WORLD".

Mrz 31

New "EXPLORE THE COLORS OF THE WORLD" series in Switzerland: 3 LE packs, 3 LE Natural FLAVOR and 3 ? regular with same text on stripe.

Mrz 20

Color Limited Edition packs in Singapore. 5 packs - 5 tastes in same series: Filters, White, Menthol, Max Mint and Purple Mint...
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