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окт 26

Attention to all collectors. Thanks to Dominik Neff, who pay attention to the second version of the Mexican COLORS packs MX-084-.. (2011). Please check your packs and re-mark its - who has COLOR edition and who has COLORS FILTERS edition.

июл 14

Finally new Spain COLOR EDITION in good quality. Packs for inner market, with tax stamps. FILTERS version. Thanks Maurizio Moreno and Ricardo Prieto for help! Temporary pics from DF section were deleted.

июл 12

New LE Spain color packs added to CCS as temporary pics, in DF section, if some get its and send scans of front and back - it will be better to identify its correct and add its to correct folder - in DF or in Spain. Thanks in advance!

апр 27

About last LE sets from Austria and Greece. Inside Austrian packs you can see slogan "WHAT'S YOUR COLOR? Inside Greece - "COLOR YOUR WORLD".

мар 31

New "EXPLORE THE COLORS OF THE WORLD" series in Switzerland: 3 LE packs, 3 LE Natural FLAVOR and 3 ? regular with same text on stripe.

мар 20

Color Limited Edition packs in Singapore. 5 packs - 5 tastes in same series: Filters, White, Menthol, Max Mint and Purple Mint...

дек 31

Happy New Year to all collectors, their families and friends!

дек 28

URBAN EXPRESSIONS is the name of last LE Argentina serie (AR-048). Thanks to Ruben Carlos Pedreira for picks, comments and series name info.

дек 23

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

дек 20

Interest news - last Argentina LE colors small packs has 11 cigs inside, not 10 as usually for this country!
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