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Nov 27

Think about refreshing your collection, maybe select again packs. Countries concerned are Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Romania and UK...

Nov 16

Uncredible but true, for once, somewhere we can see a price decrease ! Luck is for... Poland !

Nov 15

Camel launched in Germany the 4rth different Colors set.

Oct 29

Camel continues to launch Black and White everywhere, last countries concerned are Greece, Kosovo and Georgia...

Oct 23

There's new Camels to find Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico or in the USA.

Oct 15

There's new Camels to find in Italy, Austria, Israel, Mexico or in UK airports.

Aug 28

There's new Art packs in Ukraine, new regular packs, new Sweden Art packs and a Black tin in France.

Aug 27

After Belgium, Argentina and Denmark, Camel continues with the City design, with 2 packs in Greece and a set of 7 packs in Germany...

Aug 20

There's several newz in Mexico. Silver cortas, some bars cover appear, you can get ashtrays with covers when you buy a 100s and there's a new set Signals

Aug 14

There's new Art in Hungary, some packs with price cellos in Poland or Belgium and several packs in the USA, that have regular front but special back designs.
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