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Aug 20

There's several newz in Mexico. Silver cortas, some bars cover appear, you can get ashtrays with covers when you buy a 100s and there's a new set Signals

Aug 14

There's new Art in Hungary, some packs with price cellos in Poland or Belgium and several packs in the USA, that have regular front but special back designs.

Jul 24

There's nice Artists Tins in Russia, the Cities III in Argentina, the Colors II in Spain.

Jul 20

There's some special Menthol and Menthol Silver (Cool Burst Packs) to find in the USA. There's also a new Crush Bold pack. And, several new special packs, with a classic front, the differences are all on the back, with kind of old ads.

Jul 14

There's new Art packs in Belarus and Czech Republic.

Jul 7

The the second Art set is launched in Argentina, the "United Colors I" in Portugal, a new art set "United Colors II" in Spain and Shanghai Art in Bolivia.

Jun 29

There's Art packs in Malaysia, Black and White progressing to Asia, new small packs in Spain called "Shorts" and until next month a new art set "United Colors II", minimum 3 new covers 14's in Mexico, soon Shanghai packs in Switzerland or a convertible pack in Italy and Norway, looking as the french Shift, called "Activate".

Jun 22

Just few months after France, Spain passes now to Health Pictures Warnings... And the USA Surgeon General confimed (and showed) that the american packs will have Pictures Warnings too next year.

May 31

There's new packs in Argentina called "Inspired By The City". There will be 3 editions, one in june, one in july and one in august.

May 27

There's 4 new art packs in Italy, a new pack convertibles "Shift" in France, an Art pack in UK and there's Art tins to find in spanish airports.
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