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May 23

There's new Designs of Art packs to find, a new Music design in Austria, and a nice Art in Kazakhstan.

May 21

Soon in France, Camel will test a new product... The "Convertibles", like crush, that you can turn to menthol with a "click".... It will be a black pack.

May 14

About Health Warning pictures. You can see France and Mexico correctly presented on the site, With just only tastes/colors. Now, AFRICA, AMERICA, ASIA, OCEANIA and OTHERS too.You should check your virtual collection, maybe select again packs. Refresh the pages ! Country concerned were Hong-Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil and Canada. About 42 packs for America, 32 packs for Asia and 18 for Oceania are concerned. 92 packs not erased, for now, just renamed with XX. I will probably remove the pictures later... Next time it will be Europe (with Belgium, Latvia, Romania and UK...). To be continued...

May 13

There's some new Art Packs launched... Hungary, Poland, Georgia, Mexico and Russia.

Apr 24

Happy Easter

Apr 17

There's some new Art Packs launched... Armenia, Belgium, Bolivia, CZ, Mexico and Spain.

Apr 17

Be careful with the new Lounges from Mexico. Some friends are investigating, maybe some could be fakes. See Forum.

Apr 12

There is new Art to find in Kazakstan and Romania.

Mar 29

Remember you can find new countries (as Algeria, Mauritius, Laos, San Marin, Senegal...) in the NEW section (with fakes and duty-free).

Mar 19

About Health Warning Pictures, maybe it's time to change the way. We could put only the "tastes/colors", and not anymore all the pictures, like Mexico now. Sure a lot of pack less in the catalogue, but it will be more interesting...And about loosing packs, all members would loose more or less the same number... Afterall, it is a Camel site, not a Health protection site... What do you think about that ? See Forum, tell your opinion.
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