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Mar 29

Remember you can find new countries (as Algeria, Mauritius, Laos, San Marin, Senegal...) in the NEW section (with fakes and duty-free).

Mar 19

About Health Warning Pictures, maybe it's time to change the way. We could put only the "tastes/colors", and not anymore all the pictures, like Mexico now. Sure a lot of pack less in the catalogue, but it will be more interesting...And about loosing packs, all members would loose more or less the same number... Afterall, it is a Camel site, not a Health protection site... What do you think about that ? See Forum, tell your opinion.

Mar 18

The last US Artpacks "Seize The Hump Day" are now available with Menthol and Menthol Silver tastes.

Mar 16

Few infos from JTI, Japan: 4 factorys among 6 are destroyed and 4 workers were killed by tsunami and earthquake. 11 workers are missing, all other are safe. You can donate to an organisation, Red Cross for example, on Paypal (and other) without any fee. Our member from Japan is fine. Greetings to Japan.

Mar 15

There's a lot of new Art Packs launched or coming... Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Suisse, Romania, Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mexico and USA.

Feb 26

The Black and White packs are launched everywhere now. Sometimes classic cigarettes (France, South Africa, Nederlands now), sometimes slim cigarettes in smaller packs (Spain) and slim cigarettes in slim packs (Ukraine, Armenia, Russia or Azerbaijan now).

Dec 25

Merry Christmas to all !

Dec 18

Certainly a lot of new Camels will come from Italy. A fifth Music Edition of 12 packs is coming...

Dec 13

Here's a newz from Spain, where there's at least a new metal tin, maybe more.

Dec 12

After a Promo-Contest on, there's new ART packs in the USA. There's gonna be 10 filters and 10 blue, showing some american events or places.
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