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Mar 15

There's a lot of new Art Packs launched or coming... Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Suisse, Romania, Azerbaidjan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Mexico and USA.

Feb 26

The Black and White packs are launched everywhere now. Sometimes classic cigarettes (France, South Africa, Nederlands now), sometimes slim cigarettes in smaller packs (Spain) and slim cigarettes in slim packs (Ukraine, Armenia, Russia or Azerbaijan now).

Dec 25

Merry Christmas to all !

Dec 18

Certainly a lot of new Camels will come from Italy. A fifth Music Edition of 12 packs is coming...

Dec 13

Here's a newz from Spain, where there's at least a new metal tin, maybe more.

Dec 12

After a Promo-Contest on, there's new ART packs in the USA. There's gonna be 10 filters and 10 blue, showing some american events or places.

Dec 12

Back with the newz after 11 days out of order...Just like last month... Sorry about that...

Nov 28

During this month, Camel launched the first Art pack in Azerbaijan, and the first tins in South-Africa.

Nov 27

There's strange limited packs in Mexico, named Zero and Below Zero.

Nov 21

Probably soon, a new tin will be on french stores.
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