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Nov 21

There's a new set of 4 Art Packs "Camel Moments" in the Nederlands. Filters, Blue, Wide Filters and Wide Blue packs, all with 4 new art designs.

Nov 18

There's new Art packs in Italy, the 4th Music edition.

Nov 15

There's gonna be 2 Art Music available on stores in Germany in december, with a design with know.

Nov 14

About Health Warnings Pictures: There's now more than 25 countries in the world who have theses pictures. Sometimes on the front, most of the time on the back and sometimes on both sides. Just a beginning... Now Mexico; next year it's Europe's turn, with Norway, France, Spain; in 2012 in the USA... This gonna be a problem for the site, because we won't do a "camelcollectorhealthwarning" and have more ugly pictures than art packs.

Nov 11

There's the first Art Packs in Belarus.

Nov 11

Back with the newz after 11 days out of order... Sorry...

Oct 30

There's newz from Mexico. The Health Warning pictures arrive (total of 8 pictures). A set of 5 Cool Covers is available, the first Cool Art.

Oct 28

The Trade sections are not working well anymore since may. All packs are shown... Let's hope it will be fix soon.

Oct 10

There's new duty-free packs in Spain, very colored. It's been a long time we haven't seen a carton with 10 different Art packs... You can find theses packs in spanish stores, and in the spanish Airports. It meens there's 20 packs to find.

Sep 25

There's new Bolivia art packs and tins, the first art packs sold in Slovenia, Limited Editions in Hungary and Serbia, and 5 Silver covers in Mexico.
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