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Oct 10

There's new duty-free packs in Spain, very colored. It's been a long time we haven't seen a carton with 10 different Art packs... You can find theses packs in spanish stores, and in the spanish Airports. It meens there's 20 packs to find.

Sep 25

There's new Bolivia art packs and tins, the first art packs sold in Slovenia, Limited Editions in Hungary and Serbia, and 5 Silver covers in Mexico.

Sep 18

There's new Art packs in Mexico, looking like the last tins.

Aug 25

There's several newz in the USA on Camel products... For example two limited edition packs. Pictures added.

Aug 24

There's several newz coming from Spain (art packs) and Mexico (new lounges, new tins).

Aug 21

Soon in Switzerland, a new set of 3 packs, "Urban Art Packs by Dare".

Aug 19

Camel is on all fronts: In 2010, we can see a lot of changes... A lot of new packs appear in our stores, whatever the countries (menthol, silver, black, white, icons, white essential, pack of 15)... A lot of Limited Editions to increase the business... They even do Snus, Sticks, Orbs and Strips. On the other hand, Reynolds sees its profit down 17% and closes plantations. So now, Reynolds (and Camel) invest a lot in... anti-tobacco products ! They bought recently the swedish-based nicotine replacement therapy company Niconovum. Maybe one day, you'll be able to buy your Camel patch to stop smoking...

Aug 14

There's new Art packs in Mexico, Spain, Serbia, and Lithuania.

Aug 14

Back with the newz working correctly after 14 days out of order !

Jul 31

Be careful: don't send any package to Russia or Belarus. Since 01 of July 2010 Russia, Belarus and Kazakstan found one Union Custom. Under the new laws of new Union Custom no one full pack can be send or receive by post. All packages will be return to senders. Contact your friends there, they all know this new problem.
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