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Jul 28

The "Summer Tin", third edition, is now launched in Mexico. This time, there's also a Silver Summer tin to find.

Jul 20

There's a new Art Pack in England.

Jul 13

Barely 2 months after the "MP3 packs", there's new Art Summer packs in Italy, nice luminescent / phosphorescent ones.

Jul 13

There's a Winter design in Argentina, with packs of 20 and 10 cigs.

Jul 11

Be careful when you trade. You can check the feedbacks, and who sent theses feedbacks... You can also verify tracking-numbers on postal sites.

Jul 8

You can let a feedback, after you trade with someone, but one per member, not one per trade. It means you can't "vote" two times for the same member. Of course, you can't vote for yourself... You can modify your feedbacks sent anytime in case a problem happens. Sellers are welcome to change their feedbacks to a simple "Bought me packs, X time(s)", because a buyer is not necessary a good trader.

Jul 7

It seems Camel is launching a third pack, the Silver, in smaller business countries... Probably to increase the benefits... That's how we have Silver now in Poland, Hungary or even Mexico. Surely other are coming...

Jul 7

There's a new Art Pack in France (new design) , 2 in Spain (design known) and 2 in Germany (design known). Summer time in Europe...

Jun 27

World Cup, Argentina-Mexico ! Special greetings to our 60 argentinian and 170 mexican members !

Jun 25

There's new "Limited Edition ART" packs in Greece, using the duty-free 2009 art design.
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