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May 5

There's two new Art Packs in Germany and four new in Spain. The Access design is coming in Poland, with an ART menthol, the first one sold in Europe, ever.

Apr 27

There's a new Camel product coming in Italy called "Icon". New regular packs, they are pocket size, certainly an answer to all other brands' small packs.

Apr 26

Earlier than we expected, the 4 Art Packs are now on stores In Czech Republic. Inside packs, there's a game to win tickets for concerts.

Apr 21

There's some Duty Artpacks to find in UK and Italian Airports. They look like some old packs, but this time they represent the 5 continents.

Apr 21

After Italy and Spain, the new design of the Natural Flavor is now in Switzerland.

Apr 19

Incredible newz: Australia is to become the first country in the world to ban logos and branding on all cigarettes packs from 2012. From 1 July 2012, cigarettes cannot be sold in packages displaying tobacco industry logos, brand imagery, colours and promotional text other than brand and product names in a standard colour, position, font style and size. It means the same pack Marlboro, Camel, Lucky or whatever you want...

Apr 18

There's new Limited Edition packs in Austria. A set of 6 packs, with differences on tastes and on the back of the packs. Inside packs, there's a game to win Festival tickets.

Apr 18

There's some Duty UK Artpacks to find in Airports. They would look like the last spanish "Cities" packs. More infos soon...

Apr 16

There's 3 "Limited Edition" packs coming on stores in Romania.

Apr 16

The same Waves tins sold in Greece, and then in Spain, are now launching in Poland.
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