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Apr 16

The Black and White packs are now in Spain. We believe theses packs will appear on all markets where Marlboro Advance (black) and Gold (White) is sold. It's not only a design thing, the Camels really taste close to the Marlboro taste.

Apr 16

New ART packs in Mexico ! 2 Rock designs on slide-opening packs. Same designs as Tins, maybe we'll have 4 packs, we'll see.

Mar 25

There's a new Silver cover appearing in Mexico, very nice, looking like metal.

Mar 23

In Mexico, in the city of Monterrey, there will be 5 pack-covers to find in 5 bars/lounges.

Mar 20

In the USA, because of the new law, all packs with "Lights" are remplaced now with new names.

Mar 13

There's now big health texts appearing on packs in Belarus. Probably soon the same in Russia. Now in Latvia, the first Health Warning Pictures are appearing...

Mar 13

There's a new Tin in Italy coming theses day on stores. For now we know it with Blue taste, impossile to say if there's also a Filters.

Feb 28

The same tins sold last month in Greece are now coming to Spain. Pictures soon.

Feb 20

There's 2 new regular packs in France, looking like special packs, Camel WHITE and Camel BLACK. Impossible to know if it's a world change or just in the french market. Pictures added.

Feb 19

There's new Art Packs in Russia, with the Access design, just as the Romanian ones. There's the same trip to Buenos-Aires to win, also working with the internet Camel site.
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