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Feb 12

There's new Rock Tins in Mexico, more or less 5 months after the first edition.

Feb 12

A strange newz from France: Camel is launching soon a new product, a new regular pack "unknown"... It will probably be all back, to compete with the new Marlboro "advance" all black. Can't say if it will be a world change or not, for now... More infos soon.

Feb 9

New or old members, please read and follow the few and simple rules of this free site. You see them in the "help pages". Thanks in advance.

Feb 7

There's a set of 6 Artpacks in Spain to find. We will name them "Cities".

Feb 5

About 2 years after the discover of the New Design, we can see it's rise, country after country. The last countries were the new design arrived are Israel, Canada and Bulgaria. You can notice that Camel changes now the Essential/Natural designs.

Jan 30

There's new Art Packs in Denmark, with designs known already from Duty-Free, Greece or the Netherlands.

Jan 24

Probably soon in Russia, the last Camel packs without a big health text will be on stores.

Jan 17

There's 2 Metal Tins in Greece, with the Waves design.

Jan 9

There's Limited Editions in Hungary, 2 packs with the Ink/Aquarelle design.

Jan 3

The Winter Tin 09 was available in Mexico and now there's a special Warm Winter Pack, with side opening.
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