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Sep 8

There's 2 new Art Packs in Sweden. A brand new design, "Earth" and another "Beach Sand" (the 5th time we see this design after Spain, Germany, Russia and Czech Republic)

Sep 6

In Portugal, we noticed the prices of several famous brands including Camel, are going down. That's really a surprising event during the "war against tabacco" in Europe... A lot of goverments recently increase prices (Germany for example) or will increase prices (soon +6% in France).

Sep 2

Camel is launching now in Europe a product like the SNUS. Called "Portions", theses special tabacco boxes will be tested in Sweden first, maybe it will arrive in few other European countries, depending on its success.

Sep 1

There's new Limited Editions in Spain ! During this summer, 10 Art packs have been sold there... Last Editions are packs limited around Ibiza and Barcelona.

Aug 28

In Russia, on the official, there's a link and some notes about CamelCollector. Many thanks to them ! And welcome to our new russian members who discover the site !

Aug 25

It's been about two years now that CamelCollector exists. HAPPY SECOND ANNIVERSARY CAMEL COLLECTOR ! Thanks and Greetings to our 270 members ! There's now 87 different countries on the site and more than 4200 Camel packs !

Aug 13

There will be 4 Art Packs available in Germany in the next 3 weeks, with some new designs. Once again, you can discover the packs on CamelCollector before they all arrive to stores.

Aug 9

There's new Camel Art packs in Mexico and France.

Aug 7

The new Season's Tin is now available in Mexico, a colored "Summer 09" Tin.

Aug 2

About the New Design, it continues to reach country after country. It arrived for example in Maroc or Maldives. For now, of course it is not available in the USA (different Brand) and in Australia/Oceania.
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