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Apr 4

There's new collector packs in Italy, "Music", see fresh pictures added !

Mar 21

Because of our provider Hostmar, we suffered some problems during the last days, sorry for the delays and we're glad to be back !

Mar 21

Since 1913, Camel is the first worldwide cigarette trademark. Today Camel is sold over 100 countries around the world and it is the 5th biggest global tabacco brand. (

Mar 16

As they did in France, Camel launched the same Natural Flavor tin in Spain.

Mar 16

There's new Limited Editions in Belgium, Filters and Lights. Pictures are available.

Feb 27

New Art series appeared in MEXICO! 10 limited edition packs and a 14's cover, with very nice designs based on famous painting. All pictures added.

Feb 4

About ART packs on the site, soon, we will only show ART (on front or back) and we won't show anymore any side or game difference. We believe you collect limited editions because of the ART thing, not because of the sides. Moreover, we don't think it will look good to have 100 ART packs and excatly the 100 sames but with a little difference on a side. Some argentinian, german and mexican pictures are concerned.

Feb 4

New ART packs are coming to Bolivia, with 4 designs we already know. Pictures added.

Jan 28

A new ART pack is sold in France, new design called "Meteors". Picture soon.

Jan 19

Because of little changes appearing on a lot of packs (exemple with or without bar codes), some members will have to check their collections. Maybe unselect and reselect the good pack can be interesting, of course in a perspective of trades.
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