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Jan 28

A new ART pack is sold in France, new design called "Meteors". Picture soon.

Jan 19

Because of little changes appearing on a lot of packs (exemple with or without bar codes), some members will have to check their collections. Maybe unselect and reselect the good pack can be interesting, of course in a perspective of trades.

Jan 9

French Government announced that before the end of the year, french packs will have Health Pictures. Pictures will be selected among the 42 different approved by European community. It also probably mean in a way the end of Art packs, because since Health Pictures arrived in Belgium, no real Art was sold...

Dec 31

Vinz ART

Dec 24

Vinz ART

Dec 19

We're erasing all "promo" cellos from USA, on ART and Regular sections. We don't want to show all the packs twice because of a blister thing. Exemple, it's not interesting for us to show all the turskish packs with and without cello, or the 56 Tattoo ART packs, with or without promo-cello. Of course, just in USA, where it's about 100 packs, not for others like Russia, Austria, Argentina, Spain, Ukraine, where it's for a "new" or "game" things for about 5 or 6 packs

Dec 17

Camel Mexico celebrates Christmas Day, Navidad ! The Winter Tin 2008 will be available soon, but also 6 nice special packs !

Dec 13

Next limited edition in France will come during january. Until that, there's a little change on the back of the natural flavor. Maybe on yours too ? Have a look and let us know.

Dec 13

There are 42 different pictures approved by European community and now 14 of them are already used in Belgium and Romania. You can see them coming in UK now.

Dec 10

Snus from USA and "yellow covers" with matches are no longer on catalog. Snus were not cigarettes pack, and Yellow covers were too close of collectibles for some members...
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