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Nov 15

New ART packs in USA ! Special design on the 9's, with 4 nice packs (2 Regular size and 2 100's) designed by a young artist, Sarah Muenchrath and 4 other newer made by Melyssa Nielsen.

Nov 8

New ART 14's in Mexico, and still Postal Service new designs.

Oct 31

We can see some changes everywhere in the world on our Camels... New designs in Europe, in South America, Blue remplace the lights, for exemple in Bolivia or Mexico. A fair way to avoid the health laws.

Oct 26

Today in Guanajuato, Mexico, ends the 36th Cervantino festival, dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes. Camel made a special cover, representing Don Quichotte.

Oct 16

It seems, as it happened in Poland or Senegal for a while, that Camel removes its packs off Brazil, Paraguay and maybe Chili too. You can send us your infos about that.

Oct 14

Camel Collector is now available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Italian versions !

Sep 17

Damien Hirst became yesterday the most "valuable" artist alive, after his record auctions at Sotheby's. This Artist made a special Camel, rare and expensive, the US all red pack with butterflies. Members owners of this jewell can be twice happy.

Sep 12

New ART packs in Mexico, with designs close to the Postal Service Covers 2003.

Sep 7

The new design of Camel is now arrived to Ukraine with a cello-text, a bit like in Germany.

Aug 29

The new design of Camel is now reaching Russia, with a special cello. The same cello used for France, Spain, Nederlands and Portugal.
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