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May 12

New nice serie in Spain... Pics - soon!

Apr 25

New nice LE packs in Czech Republic. Thanks Vladimir Zelenka for good pics!

Mar 28


Mar 13

You can let a feedback, after you trade with someone, but one per member, not one per trade. It means you can't "vote" two times for the same member. Of course, you can't vote for yourself... You can modify your feedbacks sent anytime in case a problem happens. Sellers are welcome to change their feedbacks to a simple "Bought me packs, X time(s)", because a buyer is not necessary a good trader.

Mar 5

There's a new collector tin in Czech Republic, collectors packs in Austria and Switzerland.

Jan 13

Some packs added to "Various brands inspired by Camel and Fake packs". Please visit this section to see news. Thanks to Michael Engel, who got its from Israel Black Market and made good scans for CCS.

Jan 13

New tastes in Germany and Poland.

Jan 8


Dec 25


Nov 23

News from Portugal - there are not on sale anymore Black, White and Shisha packs. Thanks Gianmarco Canni who informed us about it.
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