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Sep 17

Damien Hirst became yesterday the most "valuable" artist alive, after his record auctions at Sotheby's. This Artist made a special Camel, rare and expensive, the US all red pack with butterflies. Members owners of this jewell can be twice happy.

Sep 12

New ART packs in Mexico, with designs close to the Postal Service Covers 2003.

Sep 7

The new design of Camel is now arrived to Ukraine with a cello-text, a bit like in Germany.

Aug 29

The new design of Camel is now reaching Russia, with a special cello. The same cello used for France, Spain, Nederlands and Portugal.

Aug 28

2 New designs for the Argentina last Cities set, DUBLIN and NEW YORK ! Gonna be HardPacks, Softpacks and 10cigs packs again.

Aug 23

It's been one year now that Marcos Hernandez finished his version of CamelCollector you're using now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMEL COLLECTOR ! Thanks and Greetings to All our members !

Aug 23

Let's do some statistics on this special day ! 383 members registrated, from 30 different countries. The most represented countries are Mexico (192 members), Argentina (90) and the USA (21).

Aug 23

For the first time, Tins in France, for the essential flavor cigs. They have the same shape as Mexican tins for exemple, but they're not ART. Pictures just added.

Aug 17

New ART packs in USA ! For the second time, special design on the 9's, with two nice packs designed by a young artist, Jennifer Wannarachue.

Aug 13

2 nice tins are edited in Italy for the 95th Anniversary, a Filters and a Blue. Inside, packs are not interesting, no Camel or not even a word on them...
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