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Jul 9

Tins from the set "Ciudades Del Mundo" are available in Bolivia. Maybe we miss one if they are like the mexican set.

Jul 9

A new tin in Mexico, Summer Tin 08 ! Picture just added on the site !

Jul 5

The new design of Camel is now reaching Belgium, Latvia, Portugal (with a special cello) and Greece (with a different special cello).

Jun 29

55 Days remaining before the first birthday of Camel Collector !!!

Jun 12

The new european design of Camel is now available in Italy and Luxembourg too.

Jun 11

A different kind of Camel "Natural/Essential", a white one, is available in only few european countries for now: Suisse, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Jun 11

A new Crush Proof USA pack is now available in Pennsylvania state. It will be sold for one month in this state ONLY, then it will be available everywhere in the USA.

Jun 9

It's quite sure now there's no Camel available in: Costa-Rica, Senegal, India, Pakistan, Oman and Qatar.

Jun 7

New sets in Mexico: The "Laberintos". A set of 5 Covers, and also, for the first time in Mexico, 3 Art Packs. Pictures soon on CamelCollector !

Jun 7

A new design of Camel, different than the new american one, is going on european stores, country after country. For now, it appeared in Nederlands, France, Spain, Germany and Suisse.
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