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Jan 13

New tastes in Germany and Poland.

Jan 8


Dec 25


Nov 23

News from Portugal - there are not on sale anymore Black, White and Shisha packs. Thanks Gianmarco Canni who informed us about it.

Nov 23

News fron Germany about DE-059 series packs. This packs (23St/6€) were produced in May, 2015 only for sell in vendor machines, so not available in stores. Thanks Peter Kemp for news.

Nov 16

News from USA: 3 Brands of CAMEL was discontinued in USA from 30.9.2015 , they are no longer available in stores - Camel Crush Bold, Camel White Mellow, Camel White Menthol. Thanks to Michael Engel who informed CCS about it.

Oct 21

News from USA. Soon will be lot of LE packs, series "IN FOCUS PROJECT". Need help from USA collectors, who can visit CAMEL.COM, get more info from site and publishes news on the forum and Facebook. Thank you in advance!

Oct 21

New series in Argentina, like Austria packs, but with other name - POP ICON.

Oct 9

Color Editions ver.2 2015 in Italy. New design - very nice!

Oct 9

The selling of BLACK and WHITE Camel packs finish in Greece. Instead its JTI recommended/offer Filters and Blue. During only one week in Greece tobacco shops you can buy special packs with print on cello- Black/Filters and White/Blue design.
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