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Apr 30

Sorry for interruption - moved it to the new web hosting services... New COLOR packs in Poland... Pics - soon....

Apr 21

New Color Edition in Spain. Temporary pics - now, good pics - soon...

Apr 18

New Camel White packs design in USA, new 10 Color Edition in Czech Republic (5 Filters and 5 Blue) - same design as Austria AT-025 series. Pictures - soon..

Jan 4

Happy New Year 2015 !

May 24

Some news from the UK: Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, comments: Camel offers retailers the opportunity to make generous profit margins and with the Premium segment accounting for almost 19.9 of the RMC tobacco market, these three limited edition Camel packs are a must-stock for tobacco retailers.Launched in 1913, Camel is a global Premium American blend cigarette sold in 110 countries worldwide. Particularly popular within major cities across the UK, Camel currently sells almost 6 million packs every year. The brand generated 39.1 million pounds in retail sales value last year and continues to grow its share in the Premium cigarette sector.

May 17

There's 10 Colors Curve in Austria, RIO packs in Duty-Free and Russia, and some new regular packs too.

May 11

New ART design RIO will come now to Spain and Duty-Free.

May 8

There's new art packs "Rio" in Czech Republic, a strange "washed colors" set in Ukraine, and a second giant set of 25 packs "Animals Colors" in Germany.

Mar 15

You can let a feedback, after you trade with someone, but one per member, not one per trade. It means you can't "vote" two times for the same member. Of course, you can't vote for yourself... And by now, you can't get vote from your family... You can modify your feedbacks sent anytime in case a problem happens. Sellers are welcome to change their feedbacks to a simple "Bought me packs, X time(s)", because a buyer is not necessary a good trader.

Feb 22

There's new Music Curve packs in Russia, 25 Colors Curve in Germany and Bestial Art Packs in Spain and Czech Republic.
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