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Jan 11

New collector packs in Hungary and Mexico.

Dec 31

Happy New Year 2014 !

Dec 27

As 100years special packs or boxes, it began in Germany, then in Italy, Moldavia, Ukraine, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Duty-Free, CZ republic, Israel, Italy, Spain, Greece, South Korea, Nederlands, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, China, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Hong-Kong, Argentina, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Macedonia, Tanzania and South-Africa.

Dec 24

Merry Christmas !

Dec 21

We only ask members to enter their real identities and cities, only that... Few people are not following that simple and unique rule. By now, members without real ID or city will be DIRECTLY erased without warning.

Nov 30

Some problems on the site these days it seems, hope it will be over soon.

Nov 16

Some new tastes are appearing, like Option (Nederlands, France), Shift Fresh (France) or Tabaccos of the World (Spain).

Nov 7

About 100th Anniversary... For now, we saw a lot of collectibles, ashtrays, calendars, very nice statues, matches and candles, magnets, promo displays and a special book... We also saw various tins (promo tins with pack and firelight, tobacco boxes). The collectibles are not shown on this site.

Oct 12

We are not showing the TOPS and BOTTOMS of packs on the site.

Oct 5

3 New sections created, - Old Countries- , - New Countries coming soon - and - Kamel Brand -
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