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Sep 6

What about a paying site ? Maybe we'll do that, some kind of club, to help to pay all the fees necessary...

Aug 18

Unfortunately, the nice 90th anniversary tin from Mexico, classified as MX-023-01, contained a firelight and not a cigarette pack as we thought... and so, it was erased, unfortunately.

Aug 18

Please, if you have more than one account, contact us...

Apr 26

The site will evolve to be faster and stronger. Maybe some work soon, but you shouldn't see it.

Apr 13

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) will begin celebrating Camel's 100th anniversary in Latin America this month. Events will take place at duty-free locations such as Mexico City International airport in Dufry outlets, Cancun airport in World Duty Free Group stores and Punta Cana airport with Duty Free Americas. Special limited-edition packs and standard Camel products featuring the 100-year anniversary design will be available across Latin America. JTI has commissioned 20 international artists, designers, painters, musicians and DJs to create images and soundtracks for over 100 original artworks for the "Remix" celebrations. The supplier said: "Camel's centenary [100 years remixed] campaign, pays homage to some of the brand's most memorable past advertising campaigns by 'remixing' their imagery into entirely new and contemporary presentations. The new designs resonate and connect with the interests and lifestyles of adult Camel smokers around the world."

Mar 29

Happy Easter Holidays !

Mar 2

We saw the first curved Black and White (in Japan), the first curved Activates (in Sweden)... so it's possible to see also essential/natural ones curved too... a global change ? We'll see...

Feb 24

The problem with the Suggest-a-pack page is fixed... ( Nobody told us, so it took time to discover it...)

Feb 15

100th Anniversary ! For now, there's packs with special cellos, CZ, Spain, Italy, with little differences. Also little differences with opened packs (France, Spain). The first art packs are launched in Switzerland, Ukraine and soon in Italy.

Jan 19

Almost 2 year after launching the first Colors set, Camel keeps going on, last countries with colors are Hungary and South Africa... What's next ?
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