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Luke Boter
26 Jan 2017 06:20 4 years ago Switzerland, z�rich
camel poster 80 years
hello, I sell my poster collection on 14 posters 90`s
31 Dec 2016 04:57 4 years ago Poland, ALEKSANDROW L
new design on 2017 year from Poland
Have on sell. Pic via email .
Victor Tikhonovich
15 Dec 2016 12:41 4 years ago Belarus, Minsk
Last week and now we have the same persons who was registered from many countries but they have a similar names. Now there are I offer to block these guys
Randy Wages
28 Nov 2016 10:59 4 years ago United States, tyler
many packs for sale
i have 2 cartons of Joe The collectors packs (filter and lights), a carton of the 40"s packs, a carton of the State Packs, both Christmas packs in original mailing packaging, 5 packs of 75th birthday packs, several others, and about 50 lighters, and a whole bunch of the random catalog stuff!! All packs are sealed! e-mail me for pics and info,
Victor Tikhonovich
07 Nov 2016 05:06 4 years ago Belarus, Minsk
Additional page
Dear colleagues! Now there are two my pages on site CC. One for empty packs by nick victor21 and the other for full packs by nick victor57
David Campos
23 Jul 2016 08:41 5 years ago Mexico, df
libros de camel
hola soy coleccionista de esta gran marca, tengo varios libros y quisiera regalar algunos para quien le falte, y otros intercambiar por cajetillas o promos. espero sus respuestas gcs.
MORENO Maurizio
18 Jun 2016 03:37 5 years ago Italy, Leivi ( Genova )
I need help
Hello, because of I have a lot of full double packs, I and all the other collector have problem to see them. the only way is to click the section CHANGES - BY USERS -. Does anybody help me to solve this problem?. Thank you in advance
22 May 2016 02:07 5 years ago China, HeBei
hello everyone
I like to collect all the world's cigarette box (3D) is the most favorite is the and Camel Marlboro I have a large number of Chinese cigarettes and we exchange Just to have many don't understand the camel club please forgive me
yulei wu
31 May 2016 02:47 5 years ago China, nanjing
ok,Outstanding young people
Michael Engel
17 May 2016 03:10 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
missing packs in catalog from USA
why is there no Flat Fifties Tin & Cardboard packs in the catalog? why the Kag packs from 2001 40 cigarette aren't in the catalog? there are packs in the Fake section that aren't cigarette packs but Chocolate Candy packs or Little Cigar pack. i understand that they are FAKE but they aren't cigarette packs as well Michael Engel
Michael Engel
17 May 2016 03:14 5 years ago United States, Portland OR
XX-013-05 is Dolce pack xx-013-06 is Little Cigar xx-013-16 is Candy Chocolate pack xx-013-37 is Fill box , a pack that you put 3 cigarette inside , not manufacture by cigarette company's
14 May 2016 06:22 5 years ago Greece, ATHENS
1 year, so far so good
Today (5/15/2016) i have my 1st birthday at ccs, thank you all for trusting me. First of all i must thank my "brother" MORENO Maurizio who showed me the site.
Yulei Wu
06 May 2016 07:01 5 years ago China, nanjing
New Camel Philippines
hi, Philippines released a new limited edition Camel, Photo see my profile, if you need to exchange, please send an email to me, camelshow @
Sven Starke
26 Apr 2016 10:55 5 years ago Germany, Oschatz
Camel Argentina
Please offer only full packages.Thanks
Sven Starke
26 Apr 2016 10:50 5 years ago Germany, Oschatz
Camel Argentina
Hi Camel Freak's I'm looking for Old LE Packs from Argentina! also single packs. Mail to
EUGENIO G. Broggini
02 Mar 2016 06:50 5 years ago Argentina, SANTA FE
camel greece hards
Hello dear colleagues, I have available 4 packs empty hards series limited of Greece -009-03 009-04 009-05 009-06
Vytautas Strikauskas
25 Feb 2016 12:17 5 years ago Lithuania, Mazeikiai
Covers Lindo Y Querido Mexico - fake ?
Hello to all members, maybe some of you have Mexico 1999 set of 9 covers Lindo Y Querido wit full packs. This covers I bought in Ebay, but size of covers are less than full unopened cigpacks. So, I think that this set is hihg quality fake product. Will wait your comments
Ernesto Rangel Fonseca
29 Feb 2016 02:44 5 years ago Mexico, DF
Yes, they never were sold at store, they are fake, they were a selfmade
Mario Cesar Chavarr�a
24 Feb 2016 03:10 5 years ago Mexico, Ciudad de M�xico
Mexican tins Exchange!!!
Hi all, I want to swap tins tins Mexican Camel by other countries. Or any type of collectible by tins . Completely Serious treatment Cheers
Mario Cesar Chavarr�a
24 Feb 2016 03:07 5 years ago Mexico, Ciudad de M�xico
Tins del mundo
Hola a todos, deseo intercambiar tins de Camel mexicanas por tins de otros paises. O cualquier tipo de coleccionable por tins. Saludos
John M
20 Feb 2016 10:08 5 years ago United States, spoakne
Vintage Panama Jack Camel sunglasses
Found this pair of tortoise shell Panama Jack sunglasses with the Camel logo on the arm. I believe these were made before the Camel Joe promotion. Can anyone confirm this?
Mircea Ivanov
17 Feb 2016 08:18 5 years ago Romania, Botosani
Mircea Ivanov
17 Feb 2016 08:13 5 years ago Romania, Botosani
holland CAMEL

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