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Regular packs - (2019)

Code: JP-021-15

Regular - (2018)

Code: JP-021-11

Code: JP-021-12

Code: JP-021-13

Code: JP-021-14

Regular Packs Since 2014 - (2015)

Code: JP-021-01

Curve pack

Code: JP-021-02

Curve pack

Black and White - (2013)

Code: JP-020-01

Code: JP-020-02

Regular Packs since 2008 - (2011)

Great East Japan Earthquake in May 2011 stopped the production.

Menthol Special - (2010)

Since 2009.

Code: JP-013-00

Code: JP-013-01

Nutty Menthol

Code: JP-013-02

Nutty Menthol D

Code: JP-013-04

Nutty Lights Rare

Code: JP-013-05

Menthol Cello New

Code: JP-013-06


Code: JP-013-07

Menthol Special Tail

Menthol Mini Size - (2010)

Rare packs of 10 cigs, released only in Tokyo in March 2010.

Code: JP-014-00

Rare Regular

Code: JP-014-02

Limited Edition

Code: JP-014-03

Limited Edition

Code: JP-014-05

Limited Edition

Code: JP-014-06

Limited Edition

What is D - (2008)

5 Art Packs.

Code: JP-012-01

Code: JP-012-02

Code: JP-012-03

Code: JP-012-04

Code: JP-012-05

Nutty Menthol - (2007)

5 Art Cellos.

Code: JP-011-01

Code: JP-011-02

Code: JP-011-03

Code: JP-011-04

Code: JP-011-05

Limited Edition - (2005)

Design is On Pack.

Code: JP-010-01

Code: JP-010-02

Regular Packs 2002 - (2002)
Art Collection - (1993)

Design is On Pack.

Code: JP-009-01

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-02

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-03

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-04

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-05

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-06

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-07

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-08

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-09

Filters HP

Code: JP-009-10

Lights HP

Code: JP-009-11

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-12

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-13

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-14

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-15

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-16

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-17

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-18

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-19

Filters Soft

Code: JP-009-20

Mild HP

Code: JP-009-21

Mild HP

Code: JP-009-22

Mild HP

Code: JP-009-23

Mild HP

Code: JP-009-24

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-25

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-26

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-27

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-28

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-29

Mild Soft

Code: JP-009-30

Mild Soft

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