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Mariano Carballo
02 Jan 2024 10:38 6 months ago Argentina, Capital federal
joe fan


Peter Tomlin
12 Jan 2023 11:40 1 year ago United Kingdom, London
Where to buy custom boxes

Please let me know where i can buy custom boxes best company in UK.

Mariano Carballo
30 Dec 2022 10:54 1 year ago Argentina, Capital federal
feliz año nuevo para todos


Damian Suarez
05 Dec 2022 12:47 1 year ago Argentina, Huerta Grande
Fecha y códigos en la etiqueta


Queria saber como identificar la fecha de fabricacion o vencimiento del camel 20 comun de argentina y como leer los codigos y numeros de la etiqueta. Gracias

Szymon Starzonek
25 Aug 2022 06:35 1 year ago Poland, Siemianowice Śląskie

What is the difference between yellow Camel from Romania and from Germany? I think the German version is "sweeter".

Joshua Bryson
10 Jul 2022 10:18 2 years ago United States, Royston
Selling my collection of Camel Tins

Selling my entire collection of 53 sealed camel tins. Msg/Email me for details if interested. 

Gabriel Rodri�guez Lorenzo
17 Jan 2023 11:45 1 year ago Spain, Lugo

Just sent you an email!! 

Benjamin Franklin
20 May 2022 09:54 2 years ago Australia, Ballarat
Shipping to UAE

I am looking for a shipping company that delivers my collection safe and sound from Africa to UAE. I have checked a few options and one out of them named Qafila is the most value for money option available.

If you have any other companies then please mention them here.

Benjamin Franklin
04 Jul 2022 07:26 2 years ago Australia, Ballarat

Hi again! I hired a shipping company located in the UAE named Al Sharqi Shipping for the shipping requirement I posted last time. 

The process was very smooth and completely transparent. I would give them 5 starts and a 100% recommendation.

Laura Smith
22 Nov 2022 06:55 1 year ago United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Orient Freight Solutions is one of the top national logistics & freight forwarding companies in Dubai.

Pablo Loera
30 Nov 2021 10:24 2 years ago Mexico, CDMX
Interested in buying Mexican pack covers

If anyone is looking to sell Mexican pack covers I'm interested in buying some missing pieces for my collection. You can contact me through email at

Dan Rosental
20 Nov 2021 01:51 2 years ago , updated 2 years ago Israel, Tel aviv
For sale

Hey all,

I'm selling my special packs from the 90', all closed.

Ángel Rivera
12 Oct 2021 04:28 2 years ago Mexico, Mexico City
Selling collection


This is Angel Rivera from Mexico City, I've been a member of this page for 12 years.

I am willing to sell my whole collection, it is around 250 packages, 99% of them are from Mexico, plus a couple of them from EEUU and Spain. 

I got some of the rare ones, such as the 3D including "glasses", European Union from the "Mail" collection, and some "Smooth" ones, along with some lightners and cans.

If interested, I can send photos of everything. I am "Luis Angel Koan" on Facebook, or my whatsapp number is (+52)55 4271 0388.

You can also send me an e-mail to

Thank you and have a good one!





Eduardo Otero
29 Aug 2021 04:32 2 years ago Argentina, Madrid
Editar colección

Hola buenas tardes, alguien sabría indicarme cómo hago para editar mi colección. Gracias un saludo

Dario Cordoba
17 Sep 2021 07:56 2 years ago Argentina, Rosario

Hola, una vez que entras con tu usuario tenes que ir a opcion de COLLECTION - te va aparecer la lista de todos los paises ... Entras al pais que queres agregar o quitar - cada Camel abajo tiene un "carrito con el signo +" y ahi vas clickeando ... Espero que sirva (y)

Rafael Krukowski
25 Jun 2021 12:21 3 years ago Canada, Calgary
Collection Sale

Hello Friends. it has been fun collecting Camel and learning about its fantastic marketing campaign. I enjoyed these chapter of my life a lot.

However, in past decade I have not been very active with my collection. Since I moved out of my old house, I have never unpacked my collection completely and actually took additional hobby since. I seem to now focus more on Alfa Romeo Spider very early models.

Having said that, if someone is interested, I am looking to part with my collection. I am willing to sale my entire collection (all full packs) plus this domain *

Online stats shows I have 3,200 packs but I believe I have more like 4,000 may be even 5,000. Will have to unpack it all and reinventory it. I have some doubles and triples which in my opinion account for another 1,000 packs or more. All my packs are full and not open.

Rafael Krukowski
25 Jun 2021 12:23 3 years ago Canada, Calgary

you can contact me via email: or for those who are interested i will provide telephone number to call or set up Teams video call

Gabriel Rodri�guez Lorenzo
04 Aug 2021 03:43 2 years ago Spain, Lugo

please check your email :)

Ahmed D
06 May 2021 08:29 3 years ago Iran, Islamic Republic of, Tehran
Iran New Camel Packs

Iran has NEW Camel Packs. If interested, please contact me by WhatsApp at my number:  +98-9381428917 or by email:

Payments can be made to our bank accounts in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, EU Zone, Canada, Singapore & Poland. 

In the USA, Zelle payments are OK too while we can accept PayPal payments if you pay the PayPal fees.

Angel Goddard
17 Mar 2021 11:45 3 years ago United States, West Richland
Camel filters

I recently bought a new pack of camel filters that have a brown camel and no red around the filter. Is it a new design or a flaw??

Sven Starke
01 Jun 2021 12:35 3 years ago Germany, Oschatz

Can you sens a picture

Thanks Sven

Rafael Krukowski
24 Jun 2021 11:28 3 years ago Canada, Calgary

Hello, if there are more then one thing different then normal production then i would suggest it is new design. generaly when you talking missprint or flaw, i would expect to be single item. 

i think you may be looking at new design. have you posted that pack yet?


Reno Donald
16 Mar 2021 01:48 3 years ago Estonia, Tallinn
Camel Collection For Sale


I have a camel collection of sealed packs and tins for sale, If anyone might be interested, contact me:, and we could talk about specifics

Pablo Loera
26 Jan 2021 12:13 3 years ago , updated 3 years ago Mexico, CDMX
Hola! Busco cubrecajetillas de Mexico. ISO Mx cove

Hi everyone, I'm looking for the following covers from Mexico, let me know if you're selling

Hola a todos, estoy buscando las siguientes cubres para añadir a mi coleccion, si a alguien le interesa venderlas me puede comentar aqui o mandar email :

  1. Serie Mexico Lindo y Querido
  2. Feria de San Marcos
  3. Wings Army y Army BAT
  4. Prototipos de Mitologia y Ciudades
  5. Camel Zone Desplegables
  6. Lineas de Nazca
  7. Algunas de la serie antros, bares y lounges de Mexico


Tony Hansel
14 Oct 2020 09:42 3 years ago United States, Williamsburg
Hi! Korean war pack?

Ive got a pack i believe is from the Korean war. Any idea of the value?

Rafael Krukowski
18 Jan 2021 06:02 3 years ago Canada, Calgary

hart to give an estimate based on your desicriotion. is the pack just regular camel?. no filter?. or is it Art Pack?. is it in perfect condition?. this will play signiifcat part on value. Best you send us pictuers of it and may be one of us can make you an offer?. other wise you need to put it for auction and hope for the best. sorry i am not much of help here.


Dario Barresi
18 Sep 2020 07:25 3 years ago Italy, Piazza Armerina


Max Akhunov
14 Sep 2020 07:55 3 years ago , updated 3 years ago Russian Federation, Moscow
Camel packs from the collection of Igor Sergeev

Dear Friends, please welcome to for Camel packs. Prices on request

Anatoli Shishkevich
27 Jul 2020 07:01 3 years ago , updated 3 years ago Estonia, Tallinn
New Camel from Estonia- 2020

Limited edition of 5 blue and 5 yellow packs for sale. Write a personal message to the mail:

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