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Antique Regular Packs - (1970)

Before 1995

Code: DE-001-33-1

20 cigs 3,-DM

Code: DE-001-336

21 cigs

Code: DE-001-338

19 cigs

Code: DE-001-34

18 cigs

Code: DE-001-35

22 cigs

Code: DE-001-49

19 cigs

Code: DE-001-49-1

20 cigs

Code: DE-001-50


Code: DE-001-51

5Cigs 1985

Code: DE-001-64

May be prototype

Code: DE-001-95

19 cigaretten

Special Tin

Dafur geh ich meilenweit

Code: DE-002-99

Steuerfreies Deputat

Packs without tax, only for tobacco worker. Its forbidden to pay for them.

Code: DE-007-04


Code: DE-007-06



Empty tubes Camel to fill with tabacco.

Code: DE-005-01

Code: DE-005-02

Code: DE-005-03

Code: DE-005-04

Code: DE-005-05

Code: DE-005-06

Code: DE-005-09

Code: DE-005-10


Sample Packs.

Code: DE-009-01

Code: DE-009-02

Code: DE-009-03

Code: DE-009-04

Code: DE-009-05

Code: DE-009-06

Late 1980's, 3 pieces

Code: DE-009-07

Code: DE-009-08

Code: DE-009-09

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