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This site is dedicated to the world’s fans of Camel.

CamelCollectors is against tobacco and for sure we don’t push members to smoke.

We have to remember you that smoking kills, and that you can collect full packs, it will be better for your health.


You have to registrate, it’s free.

Please write real personal informations, and with classic font texts. Enter your real country.

If you don’t follow theses rules, you might be exclude.

We suggest you to add a picture as avatar.

The size of your picture will be automatically fixed, but we suggest you to do a square one.

And, you can also enter two short texts, one for your home-page and one for your trade page.

You can express yourselves and give informations on your way to deal or about your packs.


You can add a pack to your collection and to your trade-list easily, on same page. You’ll see your name now appearing on the World Ranking.

You’ll be temporary erased of it if you don't log in for 2 months.

Please actualise your trade-lists after some deals, all the packs entered as twice appear directly on your trade page. The list will be empty automatically if you don't log in for 2 months.

The trade-match and trade-with pages are here to help you to find partners.


Members can now let some comments after trading each others. Please be cool and fair. You'll see stars appearing, corresponding to the feedbacks. We’re not policemen, nobody will be fired, just be careful to select good traders. Look at the stars received, and where they’re from.

After, it’s all on you.

You can’t "vote" 2 times for the same member, but you can edit all feedbacks sent.

Of course, don’t vote for yourself


You can suggest pictures of missing packs.

You have to be a member connected first.

Please check before sending. Don't send same picture twice, it’s not the good place to indentify your unknown packs.

Please enter the name of the country and the year, if you have the informations.

We don’t show same pack with different health texts, the same Health Warning pictures on different tastes, the USA cash, cartons, postcards, big tins or various collectibles.


Members are welcome to the Forum, where you can ask any type of questions, of course about CAMEL world. There’s the place where you can express, give advices, meet people…

We just limit you to talk about Camel only, in polite words, and of course it is not a page dedicated to sellers. We’ll erase the all offers of sell in case.

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